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The high grade thermal insulation materials, tubes, sheets and tapes are the newly developed products, featuring the properties in softening, bending, heating and cold-resisting structure of hermetic blisters, low thermal conductivity, etc. They prevent the surface freezing and dispersion of heating system, outstandingly effective in energy saving.


Various pipings of air-conditioning equipment in factories, buildings, vehicles and vessels, such as water heating system, various fluid or air-ducts for temperature insulation, cooling preservation, prevention of cold surface freezing, etc.


1.   They are of low-density hermetic blister structure with low K value in thermal insulation conductivity. Therefore, they are highly effective in heating and cooling insulation, and energy-saving.

2.   The hermetic blister structure prevents the penetration of water content. Therefore, the rate of water absorption is fairly low.

3.   They are soft and easy-cutting for time and labor saving.

4.   The range of applicable temperature is large, from -40℃ to 105℃.

5.   They are excellent in climate resistance with a promise of prolonged service life.

6.   As an organic material, they possess the property of incombustibility as specially manufactured. The products are self-extinguishing in nature. However, subject experiment does not represent the case in a fire spot.

        7.   Refer to ASTM D2863, the Oxygen index is over 24.0

Directions of Use Tube:

If it is used on a newly installed pipe line, fit the tube onto the pipe prior to installation. For joints, bends, 3-ways and valves, the fragments may be cut utilized and fitted by bend.

If it is used on a pre-installed pipe line, then the tube must be sliced open prior to installation by bending. Please refer to the following figures.





Euroflex Thermal Insulation Tape.

Thermal insulation band provides a simple and speedy solution to the pipings, joints and complicated wrappings in the narrow places. The band is handy to use. Strip off the cover paper and wrap around the band on the pipes or joints spirally and press it to secure. For your references, tabulated hereunder are the appropriate rounds and thickness in wrappings to prevent the water drippings.



暐捷機電整合科技公司 是專業的無刷馬達及驅動器規劃、設計、生產廠商,將來銷往歐美的產品只要是含馬達製品,將全面要求採用高效能的馬達,目前是處於宣導期。





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