Weichieh Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of brushless motors and drives from plan, design to production. Energy-saving is a tendency all over the world, and also a mission for all members of the Earth. We have more than enough experience and confidence to offer various solutions for the problems happened on your brushless-motor products. From 5W to 300HP, we accomplish the brushless motors with the features of miniaturization, lightweight, longer-lifetime and energy-saving.

We have successfully integrated many cases with adopting brushless motors for industries. The successes include: steamship、car、electric screwdriver (adopting no-contact switch), electric drill, SPA machine, blender, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, electric hair clipper, coffee machine, electric fan, circulating fan, ceiling fan (with LED lamp, remote), range hood (with remote), centrifuge (25000rpm), electric tools, engraver, model plane (60000rpm), etc.

Service area covers the complete design for brushless-motor products from motor selection (5W~300HP and over)/design/plan/production, controller PCB layout/SMT/magazine/stencil/test fixture/production/QC, support mold mechanism drawing/out sourcing, support safety testing application for products, to reduce overall production cost and smoother assembly.